Customers understand and agree to the below terms:
MK Distributors Inc is licensed and responsible for collecting ENDS (Vape Tax) and OTP Taxes for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Kentucky State. MK Distributors report its sales to the respective tax authority of the States mentioned above. We also do MSA reporting weekly.
Distributor license customers are responsible for paying applicable ENDS (Vape Tax) and OTP Tax for the state they are registered and operating.
Customers not from MA, NH, and KY states are responsible for paying the applicable ENDS (Vape Tax) and OTP Tax of the State they are registered and operating.
All goods sold are for resale only.
For all the items for sale, customers are responsible for checking the compliances and regulations of the town, city, and county they are operating and doing business.
Prices and offers are subject to change without notice. All Sales are Final. No Returns. No Exchange.
This website is not for individuals aged 21 and below. Please exit the website. A valid Business License is needed to open an account on the website and buy products. Contact us for any issues, such as damaged or missing items. We accept Visa, Master & Discover business credit or debit cards, cash, and business checks. This website contains items intended for sale that are unsuitable for minors aged 21 and under. In compliance with Federal & State law, MK Distributors reserves the right to impose restrictions upon specific customers while processing orders. Photos of items on the website may look different when seen in person. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to any errors on our website.

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