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“The TOP-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine is one of the world’s best manual devices for custom cigarettes. It’s exceptionally well-built, easy to use, and packed with impressive features. If you love roll-your-own cigarettes but want to make them at a maximum speed — this device won’t disappoint!

TOP-O-Matic doesn’t just help you save time. This rolling machine will make your cigarettes tightly packed for the best smoking experience. Adjust the size, place the tobacco into the chamber, put the filter tube inside, and pull the lever to make your very own cigarette.

TOP-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine allows you to make 84mm (King Size) and 100mm cigs at a phenomenal rate. Roll packs of cigarettes in mere minutes and save hours of your time!

This rolling machine requires care, yet it’s effortless to maintain. Plus, it comes with a long-term warranty from the manufacturer. Order from Green Caviar Club today for the lowest price and affordable worldwide delivery!

Manufactured by Republic Tobacco Group
Made in the USA
Manual rolling machine
For King Size (84mm) and 100mm cigarette filter tubes
One-year warranty”

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