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“The Smoke Buddy Mega is a personal handheld air filter that discreetly reduces secondhand smoke. The new large smoke buddy has an air filter twice the size of the original Smoke Buddy and can last heavy consumers’ months or up to 600 uses without changing out the smoke buddy air filter.

It is a handy stoner-friendly device that contains a top-of-the-line air filtration device keeping your smoke incognito and odorless with every exhale.

Smoke Buddy Mega comes with a Mr. Mega Buddy Keychain and LED light, making it the Smoke Buddy you never knew you needed and completing its sleek, simple look. This new and improved air filter is a nifty way to keep your space from smelling and the ones around you safe. Not to mention a great gift to nudge your friends into doing the same.

The Smoke Buddy Mega also comes with a travel cap to keep the mouthpiece sanitary while traveling. Smoking in the dark? Squeeze the Mr. MegaBuddy LED keychain whenever you need a little light.”

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