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“These Smock Micro TFV4 STC2 Replaceable Coils are compatible with SMOK’s Micro TFV4 Tank and SMOK Micro One Tanks. The TFV4 is a compact tank, supplied with a range of SMOK mods and starter kits. The original Micro TFV4 tank was supplied with the H-Priv 220W mod, the Guardian III pipe and the Micro One starter kit.

Stainless steel coil wire makes SMOK Micro STC2 replaceable coils an incredibly popular option. As well as delivering crisp, pure flavor, stainless steel coil wire can be fired in both variable wattage (VW) and temperature control (TC) modes. This means that you can use the Micro STC2 coil to get longer battery life in VW mode, or opt for the consistent vape that you get in TC mode.

SMOK Micro TFV4 STC2 replaceable coil heads have a resistance of 0.25 Ohms.

These stainless steel coils work best between 30 and 60 Watts.

5 x SMOK Micro TFV4 STC2 Replaceable Coils (individually sealed)

0.25 Ohm replaceable coil with VW and TC compatibility
Dual stainless steel core delivers clean, bright flavor
Can be fired between 30 and 60 Watts
Large, oval wicking ports reduce risk of dry hits in VW mode
Vape in TC mode for a consistent vaping experience
Organic Japanese cotton wicks ensure long-lasting purity
100% Genuine replacement SMOK Micro STC2 coil”

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