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RAW got together with the best in the humidifying biz, Integra, and produced these special edition 67 gram packs of RAW x Integra BOOST. Tuned to an herb perfect 62% humidity with an unbleached RAW paper cover, these packs ensure just the right amount of moisture for a smooth roll and perfect smoke. Not too wet, not too dry; just right. RAW x Integra Boost uses patented pending 2-way humidity control technology which eliminates the humidity spikes and slight fluctuations in humidity, preventing your herbs from losing any oils, character or flavor. Perfect for long term storage as well as drying and curing. The RAW x Integra BOOST is an entirely salt-free solution unlike Boveda. No chemicals and all ingredients are food grade approved. Even the paper packaging is food safe and now unbleached. Each individually sealed RAW x Integra BOOST pack includes a Humidity Indicator Card so you always know when you need a fresh pack, ensuring freshness and aroma is always maintained.

Every Boost pack includes a Replacement Indicator Card. The Replacement Indicator Card allows you to know when it’s time to replace your pack, without having to dump out your flowers. When the dot turns vibrant blue, it’s time to replace. Integra Boost eliminates the guessing game!

The cards used with 62% RAW x Boost will have a pink dot. Regulating occurs when new air is introduced. Seal the lid and dot will slowly react to humidity. The dot will turn blue, when it’s time to replace pack. Keep in mind that the indicator may turn blue at the start but as the humidity adjusts in the new environment it will go back to the correct color until it is actually used up

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