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Raw Classic comes without chlorine and is prepared in an eco-friendly way. The outcome is a thin light dark colored paper that burns slowly and additional clean. It has exclusive mismatch run-forestalling watermark. It is a perfect tasting smoke that is best depicted as light, natural and pure.. Raw Papers are normally made in Alcoy Spain, the origination of rolling papers. Smokers can detect the genuineness of RAW and are attracted to its remarkable characteristic darker shade. Raw uses an unadulterated normal natural Acacia gum that is hand-reaped in the Ethiopia/Senegal area from Acacia trees. The procedure is like ones use to utilize maple syrup. We work with our ground partners to grow networks and guarantee our laborers are dealt fairly. We have given back more than anybody we know and spared and improved a huge number of lives together. As referenced over, our Acacia gum is known to normally bring down cholesterol and reduce appetite.

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