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OCB has established its name because of its precision in making high-quality cigarette supplies. Each rolling paper is handcrafted by expert craftsmen who have experience in the field. These papers are even more narrow than regular OCB papers. Hence, they are ideal for someone who prefers less paper. These papers are suitable for preparing well-made rolls. If you’re looking for something classic and simple, then turn to OCB rolling papers.
These rolling papers have natural Arabic gum, which enables easy and firm sticking. The gum is extracted naturally without any artificial processes involved.
The papers are made with fine quality fibers. They are very thin, which gives them an almost transparent look. They are chemical-free and chlorine-free. They burn slowly and steadily so that the smoker can relish each puff.
The packet comes with an attractive silver packaging with OCB engraved on top, which gives it an elegant and classic look.

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