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OCB Organic Hemp Rolling Papers | King size Slim & Regular is the perfect smoking paper of choice for many connoisseur smokers and tokers out there who are looking for a hemp smoking paper. It is made in France and has a long history (founded in 1802) making it a really authentic rolling paper smoking product for the UK and world market. If you have not yet tried these very high quality and well priced Hemp smoking papers then perhaps try them alongside your regular papers as an experiment, they really are one of our favorite hemp based rolling papers. OCB Premium hand rolling Hemp papers are manufactured for maximum thinness and the slowest burn possible – offering an unmatched rolling experience and consequently a very high end smoking experience. The rolling papers in the organic hemp range are made from natural organic hemp plant fibers and are a great medium weight creating a really wonderful rolling experience that makes it a great medium / thin paper, perfect for beginners in the hand rolling world. Also, the gum used is not just any old gum so no more unraveling rollups – OCB papers feature the gum that always sticks and lasts – 100% pure natural Arabic gum extracted directly from African Acacia trees. is both vegetarian and GMO-Free, perfect for the discerning toker. This Premium organic hemp range of smoking papers is available is several formats including king size slim and regular size. Choose from the options at the top of the page, add to cart and get ready for the premium hemp smoking experience as brought to you by the age-old and famous OCB Brand.

King-size Slim Hemp Rolling Papers is probably the best known rolling paper size after the single regular rolling skin or paper. Regular Size Hemp Rolling Papers are a great premium organic hemp single size rolling paper made for the everyday or casual smoker who only wants a normal size smoke. Easy to roll with and the smallest size OCB hemp Premium rolling paper is a delight to smoke with, try rolling with it and enjoy.

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