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The butane refill provides multiple and long-term uses and is a durable product that offers a number of refills. When the cartridge is removed, the valve in the gas canister closes. Our butane torch refill provides an energy source efficiency, with butane generating about 12% more energy than propane (when the same volume is burned). Butane lighter fluid is an excellent option if you routinely use your gas grill and is cost-effective as butane is often slightly less expensive to purchase than propane. The refined butane unmatched purity offers quality performance and doesn’t disrupt the original taste of cigars. It also contains 0% sulfate and can be used for a number of purposes, including portable stoves for gourmet cooking, lighter refills, the propellant in aerosols, a refrigerant, and in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Turn your lighter over in your hand. As you get ready to refuel the lighter, flip the butane can over. Butane and propellant are the two ingredients included in the butane lighter refill; since the propellant weighs less than butane, it is closest to the nozzle at the top of the can. In order to position the butane closest to the gasoline nozzle for insertion into the valve on your lighter, turn the can upside down. Push the nozzle into the valve for about 5 or 10 seconds while the lighter fills. If your lighter has a fuel window, you can visually monitor how much butane makes it into the tank. There will always be a small pocket or bubble of air in the tank, and you will see this in the fuel window. pure butane fuel comes in a compact and convenient size, built to effectively and efficiently refill a range of lighters, candle lighters, and more without hassle. The premium butane refill is simple to use and can be utilized over and over again for optimal convenience

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