KP-305 25 XL 8 CT + BOVEDA

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“For those who are wondering what could possibly make our collection of rolls different from the rest of the similar products on the market, here are a couple of features that can answer all your questions:

You get eight pouches per display with 25 rolls
The rolls are made of palm leaves, hand-rolled, thoroughly cleaned, and completely natural
They come with a GMO-free corn husk filter
Free from tobacco, chemicals, additives, glue, or nicotine
Every single leaf is an extra-slow burner
We only pick the best leaves to make the top-quality roll you will know and love. Every single leaf is picked by hand to give you the ultimate experience. Before we roll it up, we do a thorough cleanse with purified water to keep all the debris and nasty scraps away.

But, the one and only thing that matters the most is the burner. Regular paper rolls burn too quickly, so you don’t get to enjoy your smoke as much as you’d want to. With our package, you get 25 slow burning rolls that are outstandingly superior to any other roll you can find. It’s something you won’t regret getting your hands on.”

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