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JOB Slim Size Cigarette Rolling Machine, Set of 12 Never hand roll your cigarettes again! The JOB Slim Size rolling paper machine will allow you to create consistent, perfectly rolled cigarettes without any rolling experience. No waste, no frustration, just a flawless roll. Simply fill, roll, and enjoy! This set includes 12 compact roller machines so you can share them with your friends or family. Who are we? In 1838, Jean Bardou was inspired to make a booklet of rolling papers made of pure, thin rice paper. The craftsman from France came up with a million-dollar idea; the papers were a success, and the initials JB were known throughout the towns. On the papers, the J and the B were separated by a diamond, so consumers began calling the brand JOB. The brand name followed shortly after, and by 1849, Jean Bardou filed for a patent for “”Papier JOB”. In the 1890s, many renowned artists were brought in to design advertising posters for the brand. The brand can be seen all over the world, even starring in early films! Try a classic and see what the hype is all about. This iconic brand is manufactured in a centuries-old factory through a process passed down through generations.

SLIM SIZE CIGARETTE ROLLER SET – This set includes 12 high-quality compact cigarette rollers that are perfect for Slim Size Rolling Papers; Roll consistently every tim
CONSISTENT ROLLS – Perfectly hand-roll cigarettes without the worry of wasting any of your favorite product; Our simple classic rollers turn your JOB slim size rolling papers into the flawless rolls they were made for
TAKE WITH YOU ANYWHERE – Small and compact pre-roll machine allows you to easily take it with you wherever you travel; Find perfect harmony whether at home or on the go with friends
SIMPLE & EASY TO USE – Never hand-roll ever again! Simply place your ground tobacco across the sleeve and close. Insert a natural JOB slim rolling paper and begin rolling; In no time, you will have a perfectly rolled cigarette to enjoy
DURABLE ROLLER – Our manual tobacco rolling machines are made with high-quality materials that will last you throughout years of use

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