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“Half and Half is an American tobacco blend, which is a wonderful mix of loose-cut Burley and Virginia. It is originally from American Tobacco’s 19th Century formula, which was initially a local Virginia favorite for both cigarettes and pipe tobaccos. Here are some of the things which make Half and Half such a desirable blend.

Freshly Fantastic: The blend has hints of cardamom, coriander, and maze that give off a fresh essence. The pipe-smoking masses love the pleasant fragrance that this blend has to offer.
Refreshing To The Tongue: The smoke is flavorful and smooth, with a slight nutty essence. Smokers find traces of anisette and other spices. The variety of tastes makes for an appealing smoke.
Settle and Subtle Smoke: It burns well and is evenly cut. There is little to no bite, and the tobacco essence is delivered consistently with each puff. The room note is mild and fragrant. One of the easier blends to smoke and makes for a straightforward and relaxing experience.”

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