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Golden Harvest Pipe Tobacco 16oz Blue is a high-grade tobacco product, like the rest of the Golden Harvest line, made with flue-cured Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos. Golden Harvest is known for producing some of the most popular pipe tobacco! You can experience the authenticity of the tobacco in every drag you inhale. So indulge yourself in the golden harvest blue pipe that gives a subtle and smooth burn with a nice pungent aroma. The pipe tobacco is beautifully made with some of the best-skilled craftsmen to give a unique experience to smokers. Blended with American tobacco, it has no additives and preservatives present inside, making it 100% pure. Coming in a variety of pleasing flavors, the blue pipe tobacco gives an enriching, pleasant earthy flavor that will make you look forward to every puff you take! Flue-cured Virginia, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos are blended with love to make this fine pipe tobacco that will leave you mesmerized throughout.

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