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Do you love tasting an excellent rolled cigarette but hate making them by hand? Gambler King Size Cigarette Rolling Machine takes the redundancy out of the equation! With this device, you’ll make cigarettes quickly and without much effort.

Gambler is one of the oldest roll-your-own brands in the US, with a massive selection of budget-friendly tobacco products and accessories. This rolling machine is another addition designed for your convenience.

How long does it take for you to roll a cigarette? Gambler’s cigarette rolling machine can make it even faster! Simply fill the device’s chamber with tobacco, put a cigarette paper inside, and pull the lever. You can make a full pack of fine King-Size cigarettes in less than ten minutes!

Gambler Cigarette Rolling Machine is a durable and affordable solution for ROY fans around the globe. Order one at Green Caviar Club and save hours of your time while making excellent cigarettes!


Manufactured by Republic Tobacco (Gambler’s parent company)
Made in Canada
Manual rolling machine
For Kings Size (84mm) filter tubes

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