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Gambler 100mm cigarette injector machine is a perfect solution for roll-your-own fans. This device is a must-have if you hate rolling cigarettes with your hands or just value your time.

There’s nothing quite like smoking a hand-crafted cigarette. Delicious tobacco wrapped in a smooth-burning rolling paper easily beats mass-produced cigarettes. Plus, it helps you save a lot of money. But how about saving your time?

Gambler’s cigarette injector machine can help you make excellent roll-your-own cigarettes without the hassle. Fill the device’s chamber with tobacco (or herbs) and slide the cigarette filter tube inside — that’s all you need to make an evenly packed joint!

This injector machine is lightweight and compact. You can carry it anywhere to make 100mm cigarettes on the go. Besides, it takes less than a minute to clean the device.

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Manufactured by Republic Tobacco (Gambler’s parent company)
Made in Canada
Manual injector machine
For 100mm cigarette filter tubes

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