MK Distributors protects personal information entered onto its website to ensure customers’ privacy.
All customers’ information, including business or individual names, shipping and email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card information, are intended to be collected and processed solely to provide MK Distributors a way to serve its sale and service to the intended customer.
We may use the customer’s contact information to contact the person when necessary.
MK Distributors enforces physical and electronic procedures to prevent unapproved access and certify the correct usage of information to safeguard and secure any information customers provide online.
MK Distributors reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information as required by law if it believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights of MK Distributors.
We serve only license-holder businesses. Therefore, individuals and children aged 21 and below should not use the MK Distributors website.
If you have questions regarding MK Distributors’ privacy policy, please call us at 1-781-281-0289.
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